MSc, Computing Science. (1986-1993) Researcher at the Robotic Department of CNR (National Research Council) where she coordinated and managed targeted activities of research project in ICT area. She is co-author of more than 30 scientific papers published in national and international journals and conference proceedings. (1993-2008) Project Manager in Think3 Inc. and responsible for European projects management and administration. (2008-to date) WG-EFD Director.

Isella Vicini

European Funding Division Director

BSc, Economy and Enterprise Management, Master in Innovation Management. (2003-onwards) he has been working in Warrant Group as Innovation Manager. In the last 15 years, he collaborated with important international industrial groups on research and development, business models generation and networking, exploitation and innovation management in several funded projects (FP7, CIP Ecoinnovation and CIP IEE instruments).

Paolo Neri

Sales Liasons

BSc, Communication Science, Master in Business Management. (2012-2015) Marketing and Communications Assistant for Cesari srl. (2016) Web Designer, Social Media Manager and SEO Specialist for ITquadro srl. (2017 to date) EFD Dissemination and Communication Consultant, Web Designer and Web Master in Warrant Group.

Sara Attanà

Communications & Dissemination Specialist

BSc, Materials Engineering. (2001-2008) Manufacturing & Processing Manager at Gapedue SPA. (2006-2012) Scientific and Technical Area Manager at Warrant Group Srl - R&D Consulting activity, Project evaluation, Project preparation and submission. (2010-to date) Advanced Materials, Manufacturing and Processing Senior Engineer - Project coordination support activities (risk management, exploitation, etc.). Rinaldi is Coordinator of the H2020 funded project PARTIAL-PGMs.

Massimo Rinaldi


PhD, Human and Molecular Morphological Sciences. (1999-2002) Postdoctoral Researcher at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Baltimore, MD). (2002-2005) Postdoctoral Researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA). (2009-2012) Senior Researcher, Head of Health Technology Unit at Veneto Nanotech SCpA-ECSIN (Rovigo, Italy), where she participated in several EU-FP7 projects in the nanosafety and nanomedicine fields. Since 2013, she collaborates with Warrant Group as Project Manager in the Life Sciences and Medicine Area.

Lisa Bregoli


MSc Local and International Cooperation and Development ‐ Master in European Project Management and Financing. (2011 – to date) Project Manager ‐ support to enterprises on European funding opportunities and in the preparation of European project proposals. Partnering, networking and project planning activities. Trainer. Currently she carries out management and dissemination activities of FP7 project EFEVE, H2020 project IZADI‐NANO2INDUSTRY, and she is directly involved in the FP7‐INCO Project MENFRI.

Elena Melotti


Master in Innovation Management. (2001-2008) Funded Research Assistant in Think3 Inc., operative and executive assistance in local, national and European projects (FP6 GAIAII, FP6- AIM-SHAPE, FP6 EUDNET, FP6 T‘nD, FP6 SATIN and coordination of FP5 FIORES-II). (2008-to date) EFD Senior Consultant in WG, deals with FP7/CIP/H2020/LIFE consultancy and training, project planning and management, partnering, networking, communication, exploitation and innovation management. She is Dissemination &Exploitation Manager in FP7 project HELM and carries out management, dissemination and training activities in the FP7 project NEWSPEC and H2020 project PARTIAL-PGMs.

Cinzia Iacono


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